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Tag: Financial
brand copywriting.

A copywriter contractor for Tag

Worldwide, I developed creative

messaging for their financial brand accounts.

The London-based production agency, Tag, 

was in need of a brand copywriter to work on

two of its North American finance accounts.

With experience at Freddie Mac and Capital

One, my footing in the market opened up the

door to this opportunity.

Working closely with internal brand standards

and guidelines, I developed messaging and

creative copy in the form of short-form print

and digital adverts.


Meeting and exceeding project standards, the

challenge of writing for two new Fortune 500 financial brands, has served to grow my expertise

and skillset in this market.

It's work I wish I could share. As you may imagine, banks can be a bit guarded when it comes to communications. If you want to hear more about these

specific projects, just give me a holler.

Got a project in mind?

Chat with +Charley.

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