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I'm Charley, founder of Prose + Roses.

I began my career with Heinrich Kroll and Sons Funeral Monuments. I was the advertising manager, draftsman,
and bookkeeper for the firm.*

I'm an active member of the Werdenbrück Poet's Club—alongside some of the brightest young poets in all of
tragic romantic, Germany. Not to mention, my comrades: Ludwig Bodmer, Otto Bambuss, Hans Hungermann, and of course, my archnemesis: the stingy Eduard Knobloch.*

But, I'm mostly a copywriter. 

I've written for everything from a Fortune 100 to a London startup.

Now, I'm channeling this experience into 
Prose + Roses, 
where I help enterprises liberate their voice.

*Courtesy - My favorite book, The Black Obelisk by Erich Maria Remarque

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