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Careers In Nonprofits:
I 🧡 My Job 

Founded by Nurys Pedersen, Careers In Nonprofits is a leader in

nonprofit staffing.

But, they had a problem.


The brand wasn't connecting. There was no differentiator separating the boutique from corporate giants. The brand's best chance for stand out was to go deeper.

The answer lied in their audience: The nonprofit professional.


They're a consumer who's identity goes beyond titles. What they do is who they are and what they love.

With that, 🧡 My Job became the solution.

Nurys created the concept as an employer brand proposition. But it caught on when coffee mugs with the slogan were handed out at Careers In Nonprofits workshops.


I helped to strategically positioned the company around the 🧡 My

Job mission.

The transformation created an opportunity for the brand to craft

communications that had mass appeal. The target was nonprofit professionals—but the audience could grow into something bigger.

That's the power of a deeply, universal message.

#ILoveMyJob, Portrait.webp
#ILoveMyJob, LI.webp

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